What a surprise!!! Gaza under attack! 18/06/2014

18 June 2014 (Yes it was being attacked this early!)

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This was the first message I received from Hossam Madhoun about the current military attack on Gaza:

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Closed like a can of Tuna from the four sides, between the sea and barbed wire, between a wall and the barrel of a gun, and still under attack! Never mind why! No drinkable water in Gaza and no food, no freedom and no future, no in and no out, perfectly like a closed can of Tuna

Children in Gaza grow up believing that things like Paris and London, Great Wall of China and the pyramids, rivers and mountains, snow and travelling, wild animals and jungles and deserts are all fantasies…. There is nothing but planet Gaza!! And the bombing… this is the entire world. Nothing out of Gaza! Nothing entering Gaza! … but the bombing. Bombing from the sky… from the land…from the sea… bombing… bombing. (It sounds familiar… and funny! Hahahaha!)

From time to time there is a bombing for a reason or even… if Gaza launches a stupid handmade rocket to the outside, it will return many smart destructive rockets, if Da’ish invades Mosul or if Assad launches chemical weapons at Damascus, let’s bomb Gaza. If some Israelis are kidnapped somewhere in Gaza or outside Gaza or even get lost, Gaza must be bombed… if Spain loses a game against Holland in the World Cup, let’s bomb Gaza. If the Titanic sinks in the North Sea, let’s bomb Gaza, bombing, bombing, bombing, yes.

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