War has got used to us 09/07/2014

9 July 2014

Hossam sent me this dialogue in Arabic.  Maysoon Pachachi translated it

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During one of the nights of bombing in Gaza

A conversation between a husband and wife, a conversation that happened and will happen in every house in Gaza:

Open your window sweetheart (to his child) – half open it.

But Dad I don’t like to sleep with the window open

Well you’re not sleeping in your room tonight

Oh…where am I going to sleep?

In the corridor


No asking why, just do it

Alright – but why do I have to open my window if I’m not going to be sleeping in my room?

So that if there’s bombing nearby, if the window is open it won’t get broken

(Mother:) Just do what we say, sweetheart

Ok, mum


(husband to wife): and you, darling, go sleep, put your bed next to the girl’s and sleep

And you? Aren’t you going to sleep?

No. I need to stay awake in case something happens

Ok, well I’ll stay up, you go sleep

What are you talking about? Do what I say, change your clothes and go get some sleep

I’m not sleepy. And anyway, I want to sleep in my street clothes


It’s better – if we get bombed or there’s bombing close by and we have to run out of the house, I’m not going out naked.

You’re right. So I guess the girl should be dressed too

No it’s better not to scare her for no reason – even if something happened, she’s only young – she can go out in her nightclothes





Oh God, why is this happening?

What’s up – just bombing


No, not very – don’t be afraid

Yes, but the walls shook

Just to warn you. Go back to sleep. So you don’t stay scared.

Did you shut the cooking gas off.


Is the re-chargeable light charged?

Yes, missus, I charged it

Don’t get angry, I was just making sure

I’m not angry, just jumpy because of the bombing

You think it’ll go on for long?

God knows

I hope it doesn’t go on for long


If there’s a land invasion what are we going to do?

What are we going to do? Nothing. What can we do? Whatever God wills will happen.

It’s good we managed to buy a few things and have stored the food to last us a week

Yes, it’s good

Actually, we should have bought more to store. Suppose it goes on longer.

Thank God we have enough food for a week, there are people who can’t buy enough food for even a day.

Yes, thank God.




Oh, heavens

And also I’m here with you…You know what happens during bombing – you shouldn’t be taken aback like this

And what do you want me to do? Is it in my hands?!

That’s why I’m telling you to go sleep

I can’t sleep when I’m scared

Why are you scared? Is this your first bombing? Or your first war?

No it’s not the first bombing or the first war, but I can’t get used to it – God damn it – who can get used to war?

Hahaha – no, actually, it’s war that has got used to us

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