Near 17/07/2014

17 July 2014

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you want to be safe in Gaza during the war (remember – the war on Gaza is a trend, it will happen from time to time – any time – all the time)
so here’s some advice
where to live? this is not the question, the question is where not live?
so in order to be safe
don’t live near a police station
don’t live near a security facility
for sure not near a security base
not near a governmental institute
not near the legislative council
not near an empty land or a landscape
not near a school
not near a hospital
not near gas station
not near a Hamas leader
not near a Hamas member
not near any politician
not near a civil activist
not near the border
not near the sea
not in a high building
not in an isolated home
not in the camp for sure
not near the market
not near a local organisation

now, if you find that place in Gaza, please, please pleaaaaaaaaaase  tell me about it that I can move and live there

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