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Az Theatre is starting a local drama group in Holloway, North London.  This is for people who want to create, perform and produce live drama. Participation is not restricted to people who live locally.  This is a community-based initiative and is aimed at providing an expression of local talent for people of all ages* and backgrounds. We aim to develop the following abilities: acting, dancing, singing, design, stage management, writing, directing, producing and marketing. We aim to produce sharp, stylish, relevant, entertaining drama performances for local and wider audiences. The group will operate on a voluntary basis and will be financially self-sustaining and independent.

For more detail and the result of our first brainstorming session with a local group CLICK HERE

For latest workshops CLICK HERE

img_3906Peoples Palladium

A company development project, this is how Az Theatre is describes its partnership with The People’s Palladium. Right from the original request from a group of young men from the Bengali community in London’s East End in 2006, Az has been involved in three ways. First organisationally, we have advised and supported the development of an independent governance and management structure. Second productively, we have supported the development of production projects with technical, logistic and methodological advice. Third creatively, we have made an input into the development of all the various talents that go toward making theatre. FIND OUT MORE.

Theatre Senza

s11-920x920Az Theatre’s latest Company Development project, Theatre Senza, derives form the work of Valentina Zagaria and a dissertation she wrote about the impact, on the communities of Lampedusa and Southern Italy, of the arrival of dead migrants.  This work, MIRACULI, was devised under Valentina’s direction by a group formed at Ecole Jacque Lecoq in Paris through group research on Lampedusa. The play was subsequently performed in France, at the Camden Festival and on Lampedusa. FIND OUT MORE