INDAG: Results of first brainstorming session 21st February 2017

This is a record of the brainstorming session with the people who came to the first meeting of our group on Tuesday 21st February at Whittington Park Community Centre

The session was led by me, Jonathan Chadwick, and this record is being put together by me as well.

We worked in small groups of 3 or 4 people and worked our way through four questions. The small groups wrote notes on small coloured cards. It was very exciting and inspiring to read through these cards.

We then ‘harvested’ the work of the small groups in a whole group session and here below are the key points that were made and were written up on flip-chart sized paper.

They will be available at the April sessions so that people who were unable to be at the meeting can see this work, as will the ‘small group’ cards.

  1. What do you like about performing arts?

The feeling of being in a group

The collective nature of the work, the community experience.

The immediacy, the closeness of impact and response.


Creating a world in a space

Internal exploration and discovery

Learning about yourself

The joy of expression (simply and in itself)

Liberation from the limits of your own experience

Being in a heightened aliveness

Creating over a long period

A way of examining the world and humanity

Different ways of exploring stories

The reward and joy of appreciation


  1. What performance forms interest you?

Physical theatre/ dance/ movement

Site specific forms

Devised work



Interactive Theatre

Public/Street performances


Classic texts

Relevant Modern New Plays

Work relating to social media


Audio Theatre

Polyphonic singing


  1. What would your aim in participating in INDAG? What do you want from INDAG?

Getting to know people

Challenge taking risks



Having fun

Learning skills and gaining knowledge

Learning about dramatic from

Getting out of our heads

Making change

Provoke thinking and feeling


Physical therapy skills

Group-derived work

Reclaiming parts of ourselves


Helping the community to feel stronger

Working with diversity


  1. What should the aims of INDAG be?

To be inclusive and for all to have an equal voice

To mount productions

To do drama for people who might not go to theatre

To develop a sense of diversity and identity.

To strengthen a core network

To create a voice for the community

To listen so that the community can express through INDAG what they want to say

To have connectedness within the group and with other people

To be flexible to include different commitments, capacities and skills

To make entertainment and have fun

To bring together different skills