Brief Initial Description of HERE, THERE & EVERYWHERE


Theatre for Everyone in Gaza are producing a first ever Arabic stage adaptation of Tolstoy’s War & Peace in Gaza.  This is a part of the ten year cultural exchange partnership between Az Theatre and Theatre for Everybody.  There will be over fifteen performances.  Well over a thousand people in Gaza will be involved as producers, participants or as spectators. 

We need a “public gallery-type’ (Old School, Garage, Warehouse???) space where we can run presentations, performances (poetry and spoken word), panel discussions, live video links with Gaza and elsewhere, have video screens with interviews with Gaza, space for information about Gaza and also about Theatre for Everybody’s new adaptation of Tolstoy’s War and Peace.  We want to link up with, echo, reverberate with this event in Gaza.  We want to provide insight into what is happening there…and here.  We are calling our space, HERE, THERE & EVERYWHERE 

HERE, THERE & EVERYWHERE will tune in to differences and similarities between UK and Palestine and focus on ‘war on terror’, the ‘international civil war’ in which so many of are implicated, look at the relationship between ‘war-producing’ societies and ‘war-receiving’ societies. This space will be co-created by our partners in Gaza, Palestine.”

This is a part of a ten-year project, GAZA DRAMA LONG TERM, (2009-2019).  We are reaching out to communities of skill and interest who will be able to shape this space we are developing.  The event will happen in late September.  We aim to develop our work using Open Space technologies to increase participation in bringing the imaginative and the actual space together.  Our prime concern is accessibility at all levels and in all aspects.