Description of the space required for HERE, THERE & EVERYWHERE


Specification of space required for our ‘Live Events Space’

  1. The space could be that of shop, workshop or gallery. It could be ‘pop up’ and therefore not designed for purpose of live events and art exhibition. It could be a part of a school or municipal building or a workshop warehouse/light industrial.
  2. There should be easy access from the street for pedestrians.
  3. The space could be 20 metres by 20 metres. Good even floor. No hazards.
  4. It needs a safe electricity supply, wall sockets and overhead lighting.
  5. Walls can be plain, brickwork, windows.
  6. There needs to be a tap and basin with running water and a connected water supply and WC/Toilet (this need not necessarily be for public use but the proximity of public access to toilets is important).
  7. Az Theatre will collaborate with partners, including Tower Hamlets Council in ensuring that the space is secure, safe and equipped.
  8. The space will need basic furniture, chairs, tables.
  9. The space will be used for exhibiting photographs, artworks, installations, video projection, spoken word performances, panel discussions.
  10. 50 to 70 people may be in the space at any time.
  11. The duration of use will be 3 weeks. One week for preparation and get-in. 10 days of events. 4 days for get out. In late September/early October.
  12. Az is mindful of public safety factors and will conduct a full risk assessment process on any likely premises.
  13. This will not be for commercial use and no charges will be made for entrance. Once we have determined what the costs might be, we will raise money from sponsors and supporters for finance. However the overall costs we can bear will be approximately £1000.

27th March 2017