Az Theatre current projects

Somebody Else by Jonathan Chadwick: Az is starting development of a production of this play that was given an online reading in April 2020. The production will feature Ruth Lass and Laura Lake Adebisi. Director and creative team has yet to be appointed. Read more

A Place of Safety by Jeremy Seabrook: Az is building the community partnerships to create a production of this play about women garment workers in Bangladesh. Read more

The Emigrants in Gaza: Az is in partnership with Theatre for Everybody in Gaza developing a series of performances of this special Gaza adaptation of Miroslav Mrozek’s play. Read more

Gaza: Support the Children: Az is in partnership with Theatre for Everybody in sponsoring 30 ‘Life Skills and Resilience’ sessions for children in Gaza. Read more

Mutual Aid Memories and Stories: Az is working with Finsbury Park Mutual Aid and Islington Libraries researching people’s experiences of the mutual aid movement and the impacts of the corona virus pandemic. Read more.