The Meaning of Being Human Song -Lyrics

Below are the lyrics in progress of this collectively created song, created to inspire people to take action on climate change at the time of COP26 in Glasgow November 2021. More adaptations and contributions are welcome!

Lyric from Lucien 25/08/21 tidied up and with an option for line 8 suggested by Ann Bliss on 25/08/21:

The Earth is Our Home
Listen to the people
Hear what we have to say
We require action
We have to find a way
In every town and country
Fossil fuels must fall
We must reach zero emissions
In three decades, not four
 In this decade, none more/not four

We must stop the fires
We must stop the flooding
We must be the change in Climathon
We must not be silenced
By the carbonisers
We must build a future for everyone
The world is in our hands
The earth is our home
What’s stopping us now?

Lyric suggested by Arif Jamal on 26/08/21

Measly male misers
Misery makers
We're gonna crush your ego
Expose you fakers

You lie for profits
Greed and growth
Laying waste to the planet
While you brag and boast

To us you are the dumbest of fools
Brats spat out of public schools
You can't expect us to follow your rules
When we'd be much better off being led by mules

So we're giving you notice
We're taking the power
The world needs saving
from men who devour

Arif  Jamal added on 26/08/21

We are the m/we.

Ann Bliss added 27/08/21

I am the m/we. We are the m/we.