Our projects aim to:

  • tackle moral, psychological and political questions of life and death importance
  • activate and articulate the relationship between the theatre work and its social, economic and cultural context
  • work to arrive at form through content
  • make play and pleasure their all-embracing spirit
  • create the fullest possible access for participants and audiences
  • define theatre as a variety and plurality of skills and disciplines ranging from therapy to entertainment
  • be diverse in their production scale
  • redefine the act of making theatre
  • create non-hierarchical relationships between different aspects of the work whether educational, community, workshop or production
  • draw together creative talents, thinkers and artists from across frontiers and barriers whether they be artistic, social, disciplinary, national, cultural, ethnic, psychological or spiritual
  • derive energy from the interaction of diverse cultures
  • connect personal and social change through the creative act of theatre
  • be based on equality of opportunies

Az and equal opportunities

Az THEATRE is a company limited by guarantee with no share capital registered in the United Kingdom and a registered charity.

It is run by a Board of Directors appointing an Artistic Director who works with associates. These associates work in teams or individually on projects or aspects of the company’s infrastructure.

The company will be led by artists employing administrative, technical, accounting and marketing skills.

The company is committed to cultural diversity as a central source of creative energy. It is committed to equal opportunity in all aspects of its operation. It will never discriminate against people because of the colour of their skin, their background, culture, religious beliefs, sexual orientation or disability. It will seek to create access for all people who wish to participate in its work.

What Az does:


  • creates and produces theatre performances, presentations, workshops, meetings and encounters
  • employs or commissions writers, actors, directors, designers, artists, technical directors, stage managers, administrators, accounting/ marketing/graphic design/information technology personnel
  • invents projects and creates proposals
  • creates partnerships
  • finances its activities through sales, public funding, institutional and private donations
  • abides by good practice and transparency in all its business affairs


AZ THEATRE formed in 2004 brings together a diversity of skills and talents associated with a broad range of projects under the Artistic Direction of Jonathan Chadwick. An inspirational force behind the company is the work of Meeting Ground Theatre Company and its exploration of the politics of the imagination. A number of Az THEATRE’s projects were initially developed by Meeting Ground.

Who is Az?

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Board of Directors

Maysoon Pachachi, film maker
Jonathan Meth, director, producer and curator

Artistic Director

Jonathan Chadwick, writer, director


Annabel Capper, actor
Stephen Lowe, writer
Tanya Myers, actor
Maria Oshodi, writer, theatre practitioner
Anya Ryzhenkova, Producer
Anna Karabinska, Producer and Publisher
Nicky Graves, Mathematician and Cranial Sacral Therapist
Caryne Chapman Clark, Theatre Maker and Performer
Agnes Treplin, Designer
Elsa Mollien, actor

International Associate:
Vanessa Chang (Taiwan)