INDAG New season September 2017


New Season September/November 2017

Creative Drama Sessions

Join us! Take part!

From Thursday 28th September – Thursday 2nd November 2017 we will run 6 creative sessions. Thursdays at 7pm at Whittington Park Community Centre. An audience will be invited to the last session for a showing of the work.

If you want to join us and take part in the creative sessions you must be prepared to attend all the sessions and pay £6 per session. Get in touch and book your place. 0207 263 9807

INDAG is a community-based project aimed at providing expression for local talent for people of all ages (over 18) and all backgrounds. Participation is not restricted to people who live locally. This initiative is from Az Theatre, based in Holloway, working internationally and locally. We started INDAG in February 2017 and we had six open creative sessions in April and May 2017.

What people said about the creative sessions in April/May:

“I felt completely in the moment, while also challenged but just as much it was pleasantly exciting”

“I started off really nervous which created a lot of tension in my body and by the end of the workshop I was feeling relaxed and centred”

“Theatre has a very unique ability to tap into our growth process and reproduce it, taking us back to our primitive roots”