Hypocrisy – Messages from Gaza Now – October 2023 – April 2024

12 April 2024


A few months ago, the US president and several members of his administration began saying that Netanyahu is the problem. Now, several countries in the West are repeating this statement. All the world’s media are repeating it blindly.

Dear World, Netanyahu is not the problem, Netanyahu was never the problem! The problem is the long-lasting military occupation. The problem is the mindset of the Israelis, of whom 76% are completely in favour of the daily killing and genocide committed against Palestinians during the last 6 months and over more than 75 years. The problem is the Israeli colonial and apartheid regime. The problem is with the Israeli mentality which has created ministers asking to bomb Gaza with nuclear weapons, and who no one holds accountable. The problem is the hypocritical world which witnesses the daily massacres and purposeful starvation of 2.3 million people, and which does not move a muscle. The problem is a world which every minute witnesses the complete violation of all international human rights and humanitarian law and keeps saying that Israel has the right to defend itself.

The problem is a world with double standards, which does not see Palestinians as human beings.

Shall we Palestinians pray to be Ukrainians with blue eyes and blond hair to be considered human beings?

World, do you know that the Israeli army killed more than 17,000 children in 187 days, an average of almost 100 children every day?

Do you know that the Israeli army, against all humanitarian laws, forcibly displaced more than 1.5 million people inside a very tiny place and now prevents them from going back to their demolished houses? Do you know that the Israeli army, in violation of all international humanitarian laws, destroyed 41 hospitals out of 50 serving 2.3 million people?

World! Do you know that the Israelis have killed more than 33,000 people and injured more than 75,000, 76 percent of whom are women and children?

World! Do you know that the Israeli army systematically destroyed more than 60% of the Gaza Strip housing units, leaving more than 1.5 million people without shelter?

World! Do you know that the Israeli army imposed a blockade on Gaza for more than 16 years making it the biggest prison on earth?

World! Do you know that the Israeli army turned Gaza into the biggest cemetery on earth?

World! I can continue listing thousands of details about the criminal acts of the Israelis against Palestinians in Gaza and the West bank, starting with the more than 400 military checkpoints in the West Bank that turn people’s lives there into hell, and continuing with the daily confiscations of Palestinian land there.

Dear World, Netanyahu is absolutely a problem, but not the problem. Israel itself, with its racist mentality and the hypocrisy of the Western countries are the main problems.

Six Months – Messages from Gaza Now – October 2023 – April 2024

10 April 2024

Six months

Six months?! Has it really already been six months since we lost our normal lives? Since our lives were frozen at a killing point? Six months since we lost our past and present? Six months since we stopped planning for our future?

Six months since the killing machine of the Israeli army has been going through our bodies like a knife goes through butter.

Six months of fear, panic, bleeding, death, destruction, damage to homes and souls.

Six months of famine, thirst, and sickness.

Six months and dead people are buried everywhere but in cemeteries.

Six months and all human feelings and emotions have become limited to fear, sadness, anger, loss, and despair, with no other feelings in Gaza.

Six months and 33,360 people slaughtered in cold blood, more than 15,400 of whom are children.

Six months and 75,993 human beings injured, bleeding, amputated, and no proper health treatment.

Six months and I can’t reach my own home.

Six months holding the key to my front door, wondering when I will be able to use it.

Six months and I can’t meet my brothers and sisters in Gaza and the north.

Six months and my brothers and sisters can’t see their old, sick mother.

Six months and men have no jobs.

Six months and children have become sellers in the streets instead of going to school.

Six months and women are begging in the streets.

Six months and the only wish of 2.3 million people is to be able to secure their daily meal and a proper tent to spend the night in.

Six months with the sleep of 2.3 million people disturbed by the sounds of explosions, bombings, the buzz of drones, and by their fear of now and of then.

Six months and 2.3 million people do not dream at night, they only have nightmares waking them up and disturbing their sleep.

Six months and 2.3 million people hope to sleep for once, in peace and quiet.

Six months… Is there any end to this nightmare?

My Colleague – Messages from Gaza Now – October 2023 – April 2024

9 April 2024

My Colleague

There are very few vehicles working in Gaza as taxis. To get around there are some buses, a few cars, and many trucks carrying people from place to place.

I had to go to West Rafah to conduct some interviews with new candidates for the counselling work at the projects that I manage at the MAAN Development Center. There are two other colleagues who must be with me as the recruitment committee. They should be arriving from West Khan Younis, only 10km from Rafah.

From Rafah town to West Rafah (7 km) it took me an hour and a half to arrive, half of the way walking, as there was almost no transportation. The candidates, who are mostly displaced in Rafah, had arrived. We were supposed to start at 9:30, but none of my colleagues had arrived, and it is now 10:30 and still no one has arrived, and I couldn’t reach any of them over the mobile. I called the executive manager of MAAN to consult him on the situation, and he said we can’t run the interviews without a committee of 3 people. He is right. I am a manager, but there is also a technical person (a counsellor supervisor) and an HR representative. So, we had to postpone the interviews for another day. I apologised to the candidates. It was not easy, they had made great efforts to arrive. I spent some time with them assuring them that they did not lose their chance to be recruited.

At 10:50, one of my colleagues arrived. She is a program manager, responsible for several projects and with many staff under her supervision. She looks very tired. She started to apologise, explaining how it was almost impossible to find a taxi and how she had to walk for an hour and a half until arriving here. Suddenly, while talking, she started crying, she cried hard. I held her hand, trying to calm her down. She continued crying and talking:

“It is too much! I can’t handle it anymore! I leave my little children crying every day, it is too much! Look at my hands!” 

Her hands had burns all over them. 

“I had to prepare the bread and the food on a fire, which I am not used to doing. I don’t know how to do it properly! My husband is helping. It is enough, we are not used to it! He carries water from 1 km distance, we had to leave our children with my mother-in-law. But she is sick, she can’t take care of them. l am tired, I need a break!

There is no internet at our place. I come here 3 days a week and each time I find hundreds of emails that I must answer! My staff are complaining, they don’t find time to rest, they told me that they reach home and sleep like donkeys! It is too much!”

She kept talking and crying, and I started to have tears in my eyes holding her hand.

She sat on the chair, took few minutes to control herself. I gave her some tissues.

She looked at me and said, “Thanks.”

I tried to hide my tears and left.

New Task – Messages from Gaza Now – October 2023 – April 2024

New task

The organisation I work for is receiving funding for a new project, a warranty for 5000 orphaned children. It is to care for and to pay all living and education expenses for the 5000 children until the age of 18 years old.

I will be managing this project.

I’ve been tasked to start collecting the information and the data needed about the orphans.

I asked my staff, my colleagues who are in the field providing psychosocial support for the children in the shelters, to feed me back with the information.

During the last three days I started to receive the information. Every day, every hour, every minute, until this moment, I received 7382 children who have lost one or both of their parents in this genocide.

Not comparing – Messages from Gaza Now – October 2023 – April 2024

Not Comparing, Just Saying

7 April 2024

Israel is using artificial intelligence (Al), to identify targets in Gaza through mobile numbers and sim cards, as a scientific experiment.

Do you know what that means?

Examples: A doctor receives a phone call from a member of Hamas asking for an appointment for health treatment for himself or any one of his family. The doctor is identified by the Al as a target, and he is bombed with all of his family.

A car mechanic calls a client to come and get his car after fixing it. The client is by chance a Hamas member, so the Al identifies the mechanic as a target and then he is bombed along with his family.

A teacher calls a parent to come to the school because his son is a troublemaker. The parent is Hamas, so the teacher is identified by the Al as a target, and he and his family are bombed.

By using this Al scientific experiment, Israel has killed thousands of innocent men, women, boys, girls, old people, and even babies, and has destroyed thousands of houses.

In WW2, and in one of the most horrible and terrifying crimes against humanity, the Nazis used Jewish people in scientific experiments to develop medicine.

Not comparing, just saying….

Counting – Messages from Gaza Now – October 2023 – April 2024


Waking up after a sleepless night, bombing from time to time disturbs my sleep, my mother whining in the other room wakes me, the thoughts in my head keep me from sleeping. My eyes are shut and images of numbers are running in front of my eyes. 32,000 killed! 75,000 injured! 17,000 children killed! 1000 children amputated!

Nothing happening, the numbers increasing everyday and nothing is happening, the world continues as if nothing wrong is happening.

6 international humanitarian workers killed!!!

Also, nothing is happening but some noise here and there. And then nothing is happening, the world continues as if nothing wrong is happening. 

And I keep counting.

Escaping – Messages from Gaza Now – October 2023 – April 2024


3 April 2024

Escaping: A sick man said, “I eat canned food only. I know it makes me sick and that I am slowly dying, but it is the only food I can afford.”


Escaping: A husband said, “I divorced my wife and sent her with our only baby to her family, I can’t feed them.” (There have been thousands of divorce cases since last October.)


Escaping: A wife said, “My husband disappeared 3 months ago, and we thought he was killed. But today, someone told us that he is in Cairo! He left me alone with 3 children.”


Escaping: A middle-aged man said, “I steal, yes, I steal furniture from bombed houses, I steal food aid. I need to feed my children. I don’t feel any shame.”


Escaping: A young woman said, “I will give myself to you for 50 Shekels, I need to buy milk and food for my parents and younger sisters.”


Escaping: A father said, “I sent my children to beg in the streets, I have no job or money to feed them.”


Escaping: A mother said, “I left my baby near the mosque and left. I hope some good people will care for her.


Escaping: A bride said, “This is the last piece of gold I have, my groom bought it for me before he was killed in Gaza. Please give me a fair price, I have nothing else! He bought it for $1200, the gold buyer said he would give me $300.”


Escaping: The child tore apart his books so his mother could use the paper to make fire to heat some food.


Escaping: 200,000 Gazans have registered to leave Gaza.


Escaping: I know this is not safe water, it will kill me! Who cares?


Escaping: I am writing what I feel, what I witness, what I see, what | observe.


Who am I to write to you? What am I writing to you? Who am I to ask you to read what I write? I am nothing but another Arab, another Palestinian, another something from Gaza!


I am not blond, I have no blue eyes, I don’t speak your language. I don’t eat your food, I don’t practice your rituals, I don’t have the same religion, I don’t look like you, I am nothing but another Palestinian.


And who doesn’t know that Palestinians are an extra load on Earth, that they must be vanished so that Israelis can live in peace?


5% of the population of Gaza have been doomed, most Gazan buildings have been smashed. In a few years everything will be done. The mission will be accomplished.


For Israel, this is the only solution: the Final Solution.

Sisyphus -Messages from Gaza Now – October 2023 – April 2024


2 April 2024


Imagine that you had to live the same life, with the same details, with the same emotions, with the same movement, with the same smell, with the same atmosphere, like a minute-long movie, repeated over and over again as a kind of metaphor of the life of Sisyphus.


We all know who Sisyphus was, and that he was condemned to forever roll a stone from the bottom to the top of a mountain, only to see it roll back down at the moment he reached the top.


Just add to this story that each time he pushes the stone, Sisyphus loses a part of his body; he loses a finger, a piece of skin, a hand, an eye, an ear….


This has become the life of Palestinians in Gaza; waking up every day, going everywhere to look for an aid food parcel, or a tent to build for shelter, or selling recycled food items from the food aid, and trying to secure a meal for the family.


This is repeated over and over, over and over. But also, each day, they lose a part of their bodies, they lose beloved family members, friends, homes, and hope. They lose, every day, the most beautiful part of their bodies; they lose their children.


And the Israeli barbarian army, which believes that it has become Zeus, is just enjoying the results of the horror it made with its own hands.


World Theatre Day – Messages from Gaza Now – October 2023 – March 2024

World Theatre Day

27 March 2024


Today, the 27th of March, is World Theatre Day. Since 1962 it has been celebrated by International Theatre Institute Centres, IT Cooperating Members, theatre professionals, theatre organisations, theatre universities, and theatre lovers all over the world. This day is a celebration for those who can see the value and importance of the art form “theatre”. It acts as a wake-up call for governments, politicians and institutions that have not yet recognised theatre’s value to society and to individuals and its potential for economic growth. Theatre makers all over the world celebrate this day in different ways, some go to parties, some continue performing, some make big celebrations with readings of plays and a specially prepared homage written this year by Jon Fosse.


Here in Gaza, I mark this day by dreaming. I dream that what is happening to us is no more than a tragedy by Sophocles or Euripides, a play which aims to bring people to the level of purification of Aristotle, and that will end soon. And when it is over, each one will go home. There will be no people who have died, no children killed, no citizens forcibly displaced, no homes destroyed, no trees excavated, no borders closed, no children without milk, no sick people without health treatment, no hungry people without food, no thirsty women without water, no students prevented from reaching their universities, no pupils without schools, no athletes without playgrounds, no intellectuals without cultural centres, no theatre makers without theatre arenas.


I dream that all this bombing and shelling and the horrible sounds of the drones are part of the sound effects of this play. I dream that all this destruction around me wherever I look is part of the visual effects of this play.


I dream that all these poor, skinny people, all the poor, skinny, dirtily clothed children and women are part of the chorus of the play. I just dream to wake up in my bed, in my home, with my wife and my daughter Salma.


I dream.

Bad Omen – Messages from Gaza Now – October 2023 – March 2024

Bad Omen

25 March 2024


During the last 2 nights, drones were over Rafah, occupying the sky and the space, with their sound, ugly sound, from dawn to sunset, without stop. I can’t sleep, and if I fall asleep for a little, this terrible sound wakes me up over and over again. It is the sound of death and agony. From time to time, besides the drone sound we hear an air strike followed in 10 to 15 minutes with the sounds of ambulance sirens. How many people were killed? How many buildings destroyed? How many people are under the rubble, dead or alive? Are there children among them? I can’t stop thinking about this until the drone sound brings me back from my thoughts to tell me that I am here! You won’t think of anything else; you won’t sleep!


My mother in the other room is crying from pain, the bed sores are spreading over her body, on her back, her shoulders, her bottom, and there is no medicine available in Gaza to help. The youngest child here, the daughter of my wife’s sister, is crying too, she wants to sleep and can’t because of the drone noise. It is very loud, very close, you feel the drone inside the house, inside the room, inside your brain, shouting at you! You won’t rest, you won’t sleep! I am here and I am allowed no other sensation but listening. The drone sound reminds me of the crow. The crow’s call is a bad omen in our culture. I used to hear my mother ask God to protect us from the devil when she head the crow call.


In Gaza, I lived in the Alutaz building. Several families, around 80 people; men, women, children and old people never left the place. I know all of them, some are friends, and not just neighbours. We would check on them whenever communications were working. They went through fear, panic, starvation, thirst, but they were determined to stay in their homes, and they decided not to leave. Several armed confrontations occurred in the area, and they were stuck in the crossfire. Several buildings around them were bombed and destroyed and yet, they did not want to leave their homes. All the building’s windows were destroyed, several flats were shelled and burnt. They put out the fire and stayed.


The mobile connection is very weak, but it gets stronger from midnight until 6 in the morning. I downloaded the messages from the WhatsApp neighbour’s group, which was full of chats. I went over them:



– Does anyone have any news from the neighbours?

– Yes, they are all safe, but the situation is really dangerous, the Israeli army is on the street.



– May God protect them.

– I pray for their safety.


– I just received an SMS from a neighbour; the Israeli soldiers are entering the building.



– I tried to call my father there, his mobile is off.

– I tried to call Abu Kareem, his mobile is off, too.



– Does anyone have any update from the neighbours?



– All neighbours were forced to leave the building and they are walking on Al Rashid Street (the sea road) towards the south. [This is from the last call with the daughter of Abu Ibraheem]

– Have any of the neighbours been arrested?

– May God bring us good news of their safety



– The latest news about our neighbours, at 8 pm, the Israeli soldiers entered the building forcing all the neighbours out onto the street, ordering men to stand in a row on the left side of the street and women and children on the right side facing each other. They tell all men to take off their clothes, they were guarded by several soldiers pointing guns on them. There were 2 armoured tanks, one at the top of the street and the other down the street, a sniper from each tank was pointing their gun at the neighbours as well.

– From time to time, they heard small explosions inside the building. They believe that the soldiers were exploding the locked doors of the neighbours who’d left their homes at the beginning of the war. The neighbours were kept in that place on the street from 8 pm till 2 am, then they were asked to go to the south using the sea road. Walking without any belongings; no clothes, no food, no money, no Identification, nothing. They walked.



– My father is so sick, he is slowing the others down, they separated. My father, my mom, and my younger brother are at Al Nabulsi roundabout, where the Israeli army killed more than 100 people who were waiting for food supplies 2 weeks ago. The other neighbours already passed my family.



– Do you know where they can find cars or any means of transportation?

– Not before Gaza valley.

– That is 8 km from our home.

– Yes.

– I hope they will make it, children and old people can’t do it.

– They will, by the will of God they will.

– Near Gaza Valley, there is a spot where the World Central Kitchen is receiving people who were forced to leave Gaza City, and is providing them with clothes and hot meals, and there is a primary health care unit there as well.

– I hope they will make it there soon.



– Any updates my dear neighbours? Any news?

– Bakri family just arrived at my place in Zawaida.

– I talked just now to Dr. Nasri, he is ok, with his family, they are still walking toward Dir Al Balah. I believe he will go to his brother there.



– My father did not make it. He died 1 km before the Gaza Valley. My mother and my brother carried him and made it to the World Central Kitchen.

– May he rest in peace.

– Oh my dear, so sorry for that, may God have Mercy on him.


Goodbye Abu Ashraf. God knows how good a neighbour, how good a man you were. Rest in peace, my dear.