Left Gaza but Gaza did not leave me (2) – Messages from Gaza Now – October 2023 – May 2024

Left Gaza, but Gaza did not leave me (2) 


  • A group of children standing on a line at a charity cooking point to get some free food, each one is carrying a cooking pan, a photographer arrived to take some photos, all children raised the pans to cover their faces. Dears, it is not you who should be ashamed, it the unjust world who should be ashamed 
  • Why I can’t see? I used to see, why did they bomb us, why did they take my eyesight? I want to see. 
  • A teenager girl carrying a big bag on her back, walking crying, her younger brother behind her pushing an older injured brother in a wheel chair on a devastated, damaged road. 
  • Asking a child from Gaza, what would you like to be when you grow up. He answers: I want to grow up. 
  • I want my leg back, why did they cut my leg off? How can I walk without my leg?
  • A child in the street nearby a shelter/school, 3 years old maximum, without trousers, without underwear, without shoes, crying: Mum! Mum! Where is Mum? 

I called my dear friend Basel who is still in Rafah, how are you, my friend? 

  • Yes. 

This is what he answered, yes, with sad voice, a broken voice. For some moments I did not know what to say. I surely do not expect him to say I am good, or I am ok, but he said the word ‘yes’ and nothing else. 

I tried to find something to talk about, anything, so I turned the talk to be about another friend, Rami, who is also in Rafah and who suddenly decided to cut off from everyone, not to answer anyone, to leave all online groups of friends.  It worked, Basel this great friend immediately started talking about Rami, and how he went to visit him and he spent a few hours with him. Rami was very depressed, (normal) as well as Basel, as well as 2.3 million people in Gaza including my mother, brothers, sisters, friends. 

Sometimes I feel guilty for leaving, but I know I can’t do much anyway if I was there. I was able to secure some food parcels for some friends and family members. I still do this remotely, but I know for them being around is very different. Also for me.