Islington North Dramatic Arts Group workshop sessions in May

This new dramatic arts group is developing wonderful work.

The sessions in May are:

Thursday 4th May at 7pm
Thursday 11th May at 7pm
Sunday 14th May at 2pm
Sunday 28th May at 2pm
Upper Hocking Hall, Whittington Park Community Centre, London N19 4RS
All sessions are 3 hour sessions.  The cost will be £5 per session.
The process over the next weeks will be concentrated on discovering what our first production will be.
By the end of May – at the session on the 28th – we will decide what our first production will be.  We will aim to produce it in September.  We will need to carefully organise the work over the summer.
Here are some comments form participants in the first creative session on April 6th 2017:

“I felt completely in the moment, while also challenged but just as much it was pleasantly exciting”

“It’s funny how I started off really nervous which created a lot of tension in my body and by the end of the workshop feeling relaxed and centred. It’s amazing to acknowledge that the process of Change and by pushing through your fears. I can achieve anything. But of course this takes practice”.

“I found it interesting on many levels and also rather joyous, not scary, although I thought it might be, and I 
definitely want to go to the next one. Highly recommend it to anyone who wasn’t able to attend.”

“The whole session felt like a very gentle introduction to some of the focus and understanding we need for a dramatic group”.

“In many ways, this sums up what I love about theatre: its incredible ability, through play and imagination, to reenact our development as human beings, from a stage when we were just totally self-absorbed to one when we come to realise other elements affecting us and consequently open up to them, letting them modify us and adjusting ourselves to them. Theatre has a very unique ability to tap into our growth process and reproduce it, taking us back to our primitive roots, as it were.”

Look at the first leaflet used to call the group together