Not comparing – Messages from Gaza Now – October 2023 – April 2024

Not Comparing, Just Saying

7 April 2024

Israel is using artificial intelligence (Al), to identify targets in Gaza through mobile numbers and sim cards, as a scientific experiment.

Do you know what that means?

Examples: A doctor receives a phone call from a member of Hamas asking for an appointment for health treatment for himself or any one of his family. The doctor is identified by the Al as a target, and he is bombed with all of his family.

A car mechanic calls a client to come and get his car after fixing it. The client is by chance a Hamas member, so the Al identifies the mechanic as a target and then he is bombed along with his family.

A teacher calls a parent to come to the school because his son is a troublemaker. The parent is Hamas, so the teacher is identified by the Al as a target, and he and his family are bombed.

By using this Al scientific experiment, Israel has killed thousands of innocent men, women, boys, girls, old people, and even babies, and has destroyed thousands of houses.

In WW2, and in one of the most horrible and terrifying crimes against humanity, the Nazis used Jewish people in scientific experiments to develop medicine.

Not comparing, just saying….