Six Months – Messages from Gaza Now – October 2023 – April 2024

10 April 2024

Six months

Six months?! Has it really already been six months since we lost our normal lives? Since our lives were frozen at a killing point? Six months since we lost our past and present? Six months since we stopped planning for our future?

Six months since the killing machine of the Israeli army has been going through our bodies like a knife goes through butter.

Six months of fear, panic, bleeding, death, destruction, damage to homes and souls.

Six months of famine, thirst, and sickness.

Six months and dead people are buried everywhere but in cemeteries.

Six months and all human feelings and emotions have become limited to fear, sadness, anger, loss, and despair, with no other feelings in Gaza.

Six months and 33,360 people slaughtered in cold blood, more than 15,400 of whom are children.

Six months and 75,993 human beings injured, bleeding, amputated, and no proper health treatment.

Six months and I can’t reach my own home.

Six months holding the key to my front door, wondering when I will be able to use it.

Six months and I can’t meet my brothers and sisters in Gaza and the north.

Six months and my brothers and sisters can’t see their old, sick mother.

Six months and men have no jobs.

Six months and children have become sellers in the streets instead of going to school.

Six months and women are begging in the streets.

Six months and the only wish of 2.3 million people is to be able to secure their daily meal and a proper tent to spend the night in.

Six months with the sleep of 2.3 million people disturbed by the sounds of explosions, bombings, the buzz of drones, and by their fear of now and of then.

Six months and 2.3 million people do not dream at night, they only have nightmares waking them up and disturbing their sleep.

Six months and 2.3 million people hope to sleep for once, in peace and quiet.

Six months… Is there any end to this nightmare?