Hossam excited about upcoming performance of workshop production of War and Peace in Gaza on 9th May 2015

‘We are very excited! Our workshop mini-War and Peace condemns war and condemns dictatorship.  We’re all agreed.  Sure, we might all get arrested but what the hell!  The ‘government’ might not like the message, for example, when Andrei is trying to decide whether to go to war or not!  Things are really shakey here at the moment.  There are small explosions going off all the time.  There are lots of dissident armed groups, including Da’esh (ISIS), who are challenging the Hamas government.  Meanwhile new taxes are imposed and this marks the critical point in the flow of resources and money.  Obviously that’s why there are all these break-away groups!  We’re getting our public performance permit through the Gaza Union of Cultural Centres but nothing moves in Gaza without attention from the authorities!’