Az Theatre is developing a version of Tolstoy’s last novel for three performers.  We are also working with Islington Refugee Centre to create a programme of work based on the novel with members of the refugee community. We presented a reading of Jonathan Chadwick’s stage version at an event at Rich Mix in January 2015.  READ MORE ABOUT THIS PROJECT

Check Out

4-Oedipus-SphinxCheck Out is a two character play written by Jonathan Chadwick with Elsa Mollien and was devised to be performed by them.  It has songs with lyrics by Jonathan Chadwick and music by Graham Garside and is designed to be presented in cabaret and studio theatres. It was given a public reading in November 2014 at an event in Leading Edges, organised by the Association of Jungian Analysts.  READ MORE ABOUT THIS PROJECT

 War & Peace: Gaza (Palestine)/ London (UK)

This production is an original Arabic stage adaptation of Tolstoy’s novel derived from Hossam Madhoun’s translation of a version produced by Erwin Piscator and colleagues for the Schiller Theatre in Berlin in the mid-1950s.  It is produced by Theatre for Everybody in Gaza and Az Theatre in London as a part of a ten-year (2009-2019) cultural exchange partnership. A workshop version was first performed at the Al Meshal Cultural Centre in Gaza City in May 2015. FIND OUT MORE ABOUT THIS PRODUCTION


Screen Shot 2015-10-18 at 14.10.18CONTROL ORDER HOUSE is a work by photographer Edmund Clark.  We are planning to turn this work into a music performance piece.  The people who have been involved in this work so far are Edmund Clark (Photographer/Artist), Douglas Finch (Composer), Agnes Treplin (Designer), Jonathan Chadwick (Director), Jeremy Seabrook (Writer) and Joy Stacey (Curator) FIND OUT MORE ABOUT EDMUND CLARK’S CONTROL ORDER HOUSE

The Cannibals

Az Theatre has committed itself since it was founded in 2004 to find the right production circumstances for the UK premiere of George Tabori’s The Cannibals.  Before he died in 2007 Tabori granted us permission to produce this play.  We continue to consider it to be a crucial modern classic and we still seek to do a production.  FIND OUT MORE ABOUT OUR APPROACH  (photo by Corbis)