Game of Death – Messages from Gaza Now – October 2023 – January 2024

Game of death

When the life of a whole nation becomes only the quest for food and shelter, running away from death that chases them from place to place, from Gaza City and the North to Nuseirat, from Nuseirat to Deir Al Balah, from Deir Al Balah to Khan Younis, from Khan Younis to Rafah, from Rafah to nowhere. No escape anymore. 1.2 million people squeezed into a very tiny place, and still the bombing, the shelling, the air strikes following them, killing them, cutting them in pieces, deprived from shelter, from food, from healthcare, from water, from safety.

Then what is the purpose of life?

Our life reminds me of cheap movies about some rich businessmen who pay to have the chance to chase and hunt to death some poor people. The organiser of these games makes it easy for the rich to succeed and never easy for the poor to escape. In the end, the rich men succeed and kill the poor ones.

We are the poor people. We run. We try to escape. We look for a place to hide, to survive, and during this odyssey many fall dead, many fall injured, many fall sick, many fall hungry, many fall handicapped, children become traumatised, dignity becomes a luxury, having a shower becomes a dream, using a toilet like a human is a myth, sleeping on a mattress is difficult, finding a blanket is a challenge. Agony and death are the only sounds in the air.