I lived – MESSAGES FROM GAZA NOW – October 2023 – March 2024

18 March 2024

I Lived

I consider myself to be a lucky Palestinian, a lucky resident of Gaza. I am 56 years old, and I can consider myself lucky because I have had many opportunities which the majority of Gazans under the age of 35 never had.


I have traveled to more than 12 countries, while most Gazans have never seen any place beyond Gaza.

From the age of 17, I have always had work, and was never unemployed. 72% of Gazans under 35 are jobless and unemployed.

I got my own home when I was 40 years old. Most Gazans under 35 years of age do not have their own homes and are still living within their extended families.

I have my own car. 75% of Gazans under 35 have no cars.

I am married and have the most beautiful daughter in the world! The majority of Gazans under 35 can’t afford marriage expenses and can’t raise a family.

I have wonderful, loyal friends in Gaza and in many other countries, including those on this list to whom I send these journals, who think about me, and who support me with what they can. Most Gazans under 35 do have friends for sure, but they are limited to Gaza.

It is no wonder Gazans under 35 are not as lucky as I am, we are under occupation!

We are under fire, under bombardment, under shelling, exposed to famine, starvation, and genocide. We have no means to treat the daily hundreds of injured, and every day we bury hundreds of our children and women and men. We have no way out. We are trapped in Gaza.

So, why should we not sing? Gazans under 35 must sing: “The sky is blue, the grass is green… and I say to myself, what a wonderful world!” 

What a wonderful world…