In the news/Not in the news – MESSAGES FROM GAZA NOW – October 2023 – March 2024

In the news / Not in the news 

In the news:

2 babies died due to dehydration and severe malnutrition in the north of Gaza.

18 bodies were collected from the streets of Bani Suheila after the withdrawal of the Israeli army, including 4 women and 7 children.

25 kg of bread flour cost 7000 Shekels ($2000) in Gaza City. 

The office of UN Humanitarian Affairs says that Israeli military operations have completely destroyed the agriculture and food production chain in Gaza.

More than 50,000 people are on the verge of starvation.

40 people are leaving Gaza for Egypt today. Each one paid $5000 to cross the border. 

USA officials: “Israel must make more of an effort to increase humanitarian aid to reach Gaza.” (This is call number 100.)

The UK representative at the Security Council said: “Humanitarian agencies are unable to bring aid to civilians in Gaza. We urge Israel to allow more aid into Gaza.”

Bombardments on several places in Khan Younis, Rafah, Deir El Balah and the north of Gaza.

Local officials: 30 hospitals out of a total of 35 hospitals are out of operation in Gaza due to Israeli military operations.

A man died in a dispute over air-dropped aid in Gaza City.


Netanyahu: “I don’t know where Biden got the news about Monday’s ceasefire agreement.”

No humanitarian aid has reached Gaza and the north since 23rd January 2024. 

Qatar foreign affairs minister: “The international community has failed to protect civilians in Gaza.”

The daily counting of Palestinian causalities: 76 killed and 110 injured during the last 24 hours.

Total number of Palestinian causalities since 7 October 2023: 29954 people killed and 70325 injured. 

112 people killed and 700 injured by the Israeli army while they were waiting for aid on the sea road northwest of Gaza city.


Not in the news: 

More than 1.3 million pupils and students have not received any kind of education for more than 5 months.

The complete absence of authority and the order of law encourages thieves to steal anything from homes and individuals, as well as humanitarian aid, cars and anything they can get their hands on. 

Gangs and thieves of humanitarian aid control the market and manipulate the prices.

The local authorities and the police do not control anything. In the absence of a system of law, some police have begun to take the law into their own hands. The police have killed at least 56 thieves since early January.

The police appear from time to time in the market bringing with them groups of thieves (most of them young men) and they beat them heavily with sticks, leaving them with broken arms and legs.

There are thousands of children everywhere in the streets with miserable clothes and no shoes, begging for food.

There are hundreds of stories of rape and sexual harassment in shelters and in tents.

Stories of killing with a history of revenge almost every day.


Thieves broke into a home and killed the homeowner in front of his children and stole what they wanted from the home.

Air-dropped aid has led to disputes over food with people shooting at each other.

There are allegations of corruption in food aid distribution in many local organisations.

Drivers for UN agencies and municipalities are stealing fuel and reselling it in the market for 20 times the original price. 

To travel out of Gaza, each person must pay $5000 – $7000 for the so-called coordination to get out of Gaza. 

All the trucks carrying aid from the Rafah Crossing to inside the Gaza Strip have broken windows because people stone the trucks to force them to stop. Then they jump on the truck and steal whatever they can (this has become a phenomenon of organized crime).

Local merchants guard their trucks with gunmen, who open fire if ever anyone tries to steal anything. Many people have been injured and several people killed during the last 2 months. 

On a main street in Rafah in daylight, a man and his wife in their car were stopped by gunmen, who forced them to leave the car. They stole their belongings and the car. The looters were not even masked. 

My colleague Wala’a Saada was killed yesterday in a bombing of a mosque. She lived with her parents in a tent nearby the mosque. Wala’a is number 5 of my colleagues who have been killed since the start of this genocide.

I am afraid for my life and for my wife’s life.