MESSAGES FROM GAZA NOW – December 2023/January 2024 – Abo Khaled Abdel’Al

Abo Khaled Abdel’Al

A 50 year old man, tall, big, fat; looks like a giant but with a babyface. He is from a very respected family in Rafah. Started his life as a construction worker in Israel, then a hairdresser, but he was an ambitious man. He had a dream to one day be a businessman. He followed his dream and he became what he wanted to be. Today he is a well-known and respected businessman in the Gaza Strip.

He lives with his family in a big house. Three floors, the first floor is a big living room with one bedroom and bathroom.

His front yard is as long as the house. He made a place where he receives guests; a fire for making tea and coffee is alight from 6am until 9pm. The door to the front yard is always open; any person passing by is invited to rest and drink tea. He receives hundreds of people every day.

The family live on the second and third floor. The basement of the home is a big storage area. He is a man with principles, honest, respectful and generous.