Messages from Gaza Now – November/December 2023 – Apprehension


People who have left their houses because of the threats of the Israeli army, steal what they can.  They rip the doors of companies off their hinges and steal whatever they can.

This is happening in Gaza now. And it’s not surprising when you create famine in people who are under siege in a small area and the rule of law disappears.  No accountability, no police.

Survival begins by justifying every action

Fear is now everywhere.

Fear of death from the Israeli bombing, fear of your inability to find shelter, water and food, fear of robbery, or of being injured, or being killed.

The biggest fear is the delayed fear, a fear of what will happen after this war.

The Gaza Strip has been entirely destroyed – every building, from the foundations up, the roads, communications.

More than 200,000 houses were demolished.  The war starts again.  More than a million people have no house to return to.  What kind of life awaits us?  What future awaits our children? What authority will rule in Gaza? An Israeli military occupation? A return of the Hamas government to power?  Will it be the return of the corrupt Palestine Authority?

Or International forces to enjoy our humiliation? When will you have enough of the humiliation of our people by Hamas and the Authority?

When will we have had enough of the humiliation and violence of the occupation? 

What are we waiting for from tomorrow?  I mean, what will we wait for, what is left of us, tomorrow?