Miracles – Messages from Gaza Now – October 2023 – January 2024


Miracles are countless in the bible, in the Quran. In methodologies, the saviour always appears to rescue the poor ones; the sea is separated by a touch of a stick to save poor people;  heroes and prophets appear from nowhere to save them.

In Gaza: no saviours, no heroes, no prophets.

Children are dying and no miracle; men, women and old people are dying and no miracles!  People displaced once, twice, four times, twelve times and each time they have to start from scratch, looking for shelter, food, water and no miracles.  Diseases spread among people with no cure or health services and no miracles.  Fields are destroyed and no miracles; factories are bombed and no miracles;  roads damaged and no miracles; animals slaughtered and no miracles; trees grasped from the roots and no miracles;  graves destroyed and corpses brought up and no miracles; life stopped and no miracles;  schools and universities destroyed and no miracles.  How does God see this and do nothing?

I hate miracles