Nothing but freedom 25/08/2014


25 August 2014

I asked Hossam in an email what he thought was the significance of the Israeli destruction of a downtown apartment block. What did he think was happening? His reply:

Yes Jonathan, since the start of this brutal offensive on Gaza by the Israelis, the main aim was to hurt everyone and every single person in Gaza is hurt. In the media they say what they are doing is minimizing Hamas’ ability to attack Israel or to stop the rockets being launched from Gaza but in every single action they only hurt Gaza, all of Gaza and with different means:
they start bombing randomly,
then they move to push people out of their houses and force them to get refuge in the town center,
they increase the number of civilian causalities , mainly among children,
then they start personal assassinations, targeting vehicles
then they start on other buildings and tower blocks
food shortage
water shortage
no electricity (bombing in the dark)
they create the no safe place at all in Gaza
no one is guaranteed safety, whether supporting or opposing the resistance.
People know that the blockade is imposed by Israel (people cannot and will never believe or accept that it is because of Hamas)
they want every single person in Gaza to be in pain
they believe or they want to believe that by hurting all of Gaza’s people, Gaza people will turn against Hamas or the resistance.
They might succeed, but never for long, people do really want the war to end, some voices may now be starting to blame the resistance, but this is only temporary and due to the pain, but people will always blame Israel and this is not temporary this will continue until people become free.
Freedom is the only way to put an end to this tragedy.
Nothing but freedom.