Escaping – Messages from Gaza Now – October 2023 – April 2024


3 April 2024

Escaping: A sick man said, “I eat canned food only. I know it makes me sick and that I am slowly dying, but it is the only food I can afford.”


Escaping: A husband said, “I divorced my wife and sent her with our only baby to her family, I can’t feed them.” (There have been thousands of divorce cases since last October.)


Escaping: A wife said, “My husband disappeared 3 months ago, and we thought he was killed. But today, someone told us that he is in Cairo! He left me alone with 3 children.”


Escaping: A middle-aged man said, “I steal, yes, I steal furniture from bombed houses, I steal food aid. I need to feed my children. I don’t feel any shame.”


Escaping: A young woman said, “I will give myself to you for 50 Shekels, I need to buy milk and food for my parents and younger sisters.”


Escaping: A father said, “I sent my children to beg in the streets, I have no job or money to feed them.”


Escaping: A mother said, “I left my baby near the mosque and left. I hope some good people will care for her.


Escaping: A bride said, “This is the last piece of gold I have, my groom bought it for me before he was killed in Gaza. Please give me a fair price, I have nothing else! He bought it for $1200, the gold buyer said he would give me $300.”


Escaping: The child tore apart his books so his mother could use the paper to make fire to heat some food.


Escaping: 200,000 Gazans have registered to leave Gaza.


Escaping: I know this is not safe water, it will kill me! Who cares?


Escaping: I am writing what I feel, what I witness, what I see, what | observe.


Who am I to write to you? What am I writing to you? Who am I to ask you to read what I write? I am nothing but another Arab, another Palestinian, another something from Gaza!


I am not blond, I have no blue eyes, I don’t speak your language. I don’t eat your food, I don’t practice your rituals, I don’t have the same religion, I don’t look like you, I am nothing but another Palestinian.


And who doesn’t know that Palestinians are an extra load on Earth, that they must be vanished so that Israelis can live in peace?


5% of the population of Gaza have been doomed, most Gazan buildings have been smashed. In a few years everything will be done. The mission will be accomplished.


For Israel, this is the only solution: the Final Solution.