Sisyphus -Messages from Gaza Now – October 2023 – April 2024


2 April 2024


Imagine that you had to live the same life, with the same details, with the same emotions, with the same movement, with the same smell, with the same atmosphere, like a minute-long movie, repeated over and over again as a kind of metaphor of the life of Sisyphus.


We all know who Sisyphus was, and that he was condemned to forever roll a stone from the bottom to the top of a mountain, only to see it roll back down at the moment he reached the top.


Just add to this story that each time he pushes the stone, Sisyphus loses a part of his body; he loses a finger, a piece of skin, a hand, an eye, an ear….


This has become the life of Palestinians in Gaza; waking up every day, going everywhere to look for an aid food parcel, or a tent to build for shelter, or selling recycled food items from the food aid, and trying to secure a meal for the family.


This is repeated over and over, over and over. But also, each day, they lose a part of their bodies, they lose beloved family members, friends, homes, and hope. They lose, every day, the most beautiful part of their bodies; they lose their children.


And the Israeli barbarian army, which believes that it has become Zeus, is just enjoying the results of the horror it made with its own hands.