Welcome to Az Theatre’s blog

There are occasional Az Theatre blogs that update people about various events and developments.

There are two main sequences from the past that may interest you:

The complete set of ‘blog from Gaza’ is now available here. During the war on Gaza in 2014 Hossam Madhoun and others there kept up a constant flow of messages.

The blog forms a graphic testimony to the experiences of people during a devastating military attack.  There are 34 messages sent between 18th June 2014 ‘What a surprise! Gaza Under attack!’ and 5th October 2014  ‘No bullets or blood, just pain’.  This was happening while Theatre for Everybody and Az Theatre were launching their collaboration on the premier Arabic stage version of Tolstoy’s ‘War and Peace’

Read the mappa mundi blogs here.  From August to October 2012 Jonathan Chadwick wrote 20 blog pieces about the development of this innovative drama video project.

As well as tracking the development of mappa mundi the blogs reflect on questions of knowledge, transition and models of change