Welcome to Az Theatre’s new website

This is Az Theatre’s new website.  It has been in development for some time and revises the way Az presents itself to the world with a new mission statement and a new simpler way of displaying our activities. We can make better and quicker changes to content through the WordPress system and it links more effectively with our blog. We are deeply grateful to the wonderful Emma Sangster who has seen through these changes. And to our friendly, ethical, super-sensitive service providers Netuxo.

Here’s what’s happening at Az.

In London we are establishing a group of young people who can work with us to make a creative exchange with the group of young people in Gaza that Theatre for Everybody is working with.  Our best chance so far of doing this is working with a group of alumni from the Islington Community Theatre.  This company is now called Company Three.  Find out about it.

Our work with the Islington Centre for Refugees and Migrants has paused over the summer after the climactic closing sessions when we were working on Bob Marley’s epic COMING IN FROM THE COLD.  This followed a wonderful concert on July 3 2016 at the church in Cross Street that the Centre uses as its base.  This presentation featured songs, the lyrics of which were written during Sita Bramachari and Jane Ray’s writing and art classes.  These lyrics were put to music by Romain Malan who runs the singing sessions and they were performed at the event by the singing group from the classes accompanied by the World Harmony Orchestra. This was the World Premiere for these songs and for the Orchestra.  Read about the work at the Centre.

Progress is also ongoing on the various production projects here in the UK.

Meanwhile in Gaza, Theatre for Everybody are preparing for the full production of their new Arabic adaptation of Tolstoy’s War and Peace.  We are working to produce this with Theatre for Everybody.  Zoe Lafferty is working with Az to create the financial and production infrastructure for this challenging project.  You can keep in touch with Theatre for Everybody through Facebook

That’s the latest news from Az Theatre.